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William Bouguereau French Academic painter

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William Bouguereau (1825-1905) French academic painter, through the myth of the theme of creation of realistic genre painting, with particular emphasis on women's beauty.

Nymphs and Satyr
260.4 * 182.9 cm, 1873, oil painting, American Clark Art Institute
Background: William Bouguereau's work is inspired by the poetry of the ancient Roman poet Staitius. Satir is the Greek mythology half man half sheep low forest god, Dionysus followers, is also synonymous with satyr.
Appreciation: the fairies in the pond found the lusty Satir, part ran away (the right side of the vision), four bold ran over to seize Satir to bring him into the cold water, Saty consciousness To their own can not swim, trying to retreat from the fairy siege, one of the fairies quickly summoned the companion to help.

Dante et Virgile
281 * 225cm, 1850, Oil Painting, Orsay Museum
Background: William Bouguereau's work is taken from the hell of the Divine Comedy, in the eighth floor of hell, Gianni Schicchi (who pretends to be a rich businessman, who changes his will, and defrains a great deal of property) attacks and bites Capocchio ,Alchemist.
Appreciation: the prospects of the two body men fierce fight, Sri Lanka completely control the situation, knees on the kneeling of the cappucco midfielder, his left hand almost pull into the ribs, elongated body bite the other neck. Two feet at the foot of another expression is extremely painful body twisted into a group of people. Left rear Dante looked disgusted at the front of the scene, next to the calm Virgil. The background is horrifying hell scene, people are entangled and twisted together; the devil with a strange smile, start wings circled in the air.

48 * 79cm, 1884, oil painting, private collection
Background: Bibliss is the Greek mythology of the characters, she fell in love with her twin brother Caunus and to his love. Frightened Cowens away from home to run, than Bliss frantically hot pursuit, the end of exhaustion fell to the ground, sad tears died did not finish, turned into an Oasis.
Appreciation: William Bouguereau's works, the body of the woman down on the ground, a clear creek through, reflecting the reflection of a woman. Her eyes dull, hands support the body to do prayer, long hair scattered exposed full neck, coherent ups and downs of the body curve.

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