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Some tips for oil painting collection

Read:32  Add Time:2017-07-08 22:50:53
Oil painting collection, has now become an important category of art investment, how to carry out oil painting collection is now some Tibetan friends are one of the urgent concerns. To this end, we have specially sorted out some of the oil painting collection method:
1. can be coated on the back of the canvas on the back of two layers of pre-dissolved in turpentine natural beeswax, can completely prevent the immersion of humid air caused damage.
2. oil painting to avoid the long-term direct sunlight, because the color of the UV is very destructive, will cause discoloration and discoloration.
3. oil painting should not be two pictures posted. To avoid the temperature rise so that the screen adhesion, resulting in oil off, the screen damage.
4. when the oil painting to make the canvas inward, the picture outward, outside the volume of a layer of paper tube, and then wrapped with plastic cloth to prevent cracking.
5. the oil storage of the house should pay attention to ventilation and moisture, as far as possible from the bathroom, the kitchen far, pay attention to prevent dust, soot damage to the canvas, the room should maintain a certain temperature and humidity. Damp the painting must be slowly dry, avoid exposure, or the screen easy to fall off.
6. the wall hanging oil painting If you fall on the dust, you can use a small wet cloth gently rub. If the oil above the soot, you can use a little light of soapy water and water gently try to scrub, and then quickly take the sponge to the water on the screen to dry, then take the fan light oil painting surface. If you encounter a long time, there are cracks in the oil painting, must be less water, local dry wipe can be. If you use a professional glazing oil for oil painting maintenance, before spraying the varnish, use a clean cloth to clean the screen.
7. the general oil painting can save two or three hundred years, but with the passage of time, some oil paintings in a few decades after the possible cracks. If the collection more, you can put the oil painting with plastic cloth, on the wooden box, to prevent Mishap.

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