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Filippino Lippi Italian Renaissance painter

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Filippino Lippi (1459-1504) was an Italian painter who was born in Renaissance, his painting style has been influenced by Botticelli in his early career and he gradually formed his own style later. 

Allegory of Music is a wood painting and collected in the German Berlin galleries, the size of it is 61*51CM and it was painted during 1475 to 1500 approximately.
Background: The style of Filippino Lippi’s painting performed with fable. Fables are a common method which is usually used by Western art and it implies lots of information. Music is one of the seven "liberal arts" in the Western counties and the “seven arts” means that people should learn grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music.
Appreciation: One of the goddesses of the Muse, Erato, the goddess of love, hold the swan (it implies god of sun and music, Apollo) with a gold ribbon,the swan will miraculously sing before its death. What is more, the buck uses its angle to support the lyre and deer's sharp hearing is also closely related with the music.

Appalition of the Virgin to St Bernard is an oil painting and collected in the church of Florence. The size of this painting is 210*195CM and it was painted in 1480.
Background: St. Bernard is the Italian Catholic Franciscans pastor in early 15th century and he was famous from the reorganization the faith of Catholic to against gambling, witchcraft, and usury, he has been named by the Roman Catholic Church known as the "Italian evangelist".
Appreciation: The right side of the painting is St. Bernard who stayed behind the rocks as daily life in his missionary work and the Virgin Mary suddenly visited. The prayer who appeared in the lower right corner was the donator Piero. Medieval hymns said that the Virgin Mary is the liberation of human sins, the devil behind St. Bernard bite the chain in the dark.

Annunziata Polyptych - Deposition from the Cross is a wood painting and collected in the Italian Cathedral of Florence. The size of this painting is 334*225CM and it was painted during 1504 to 1507 approximately.
Background: Filippino Lippi draws most of the work but he passed away and let the paint unfinished. His friend, Perugino, completed the face of Jesus.
Appreciation: After Jesus Christ martyrdom, four followers together to remove his body from the Cross, the left side of this painting is Virgin Mary, she was fainted and hold by the female followers’ arm, the man in the middle of the painting who was kneeling is Jesus disciple Mary Magdalene, on the right is the Baptist John with nails on the ground which fixed Jesus on the cross.

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