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Creation Methods of 12 Common Oil Painting Mediums (2)

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This article summarized the creation methods of 12 common oil painting mediums. These creation methods basically cover various types of oil painting mediums and had been verified by the practice of many artists. Hope these methods will be useful to you.
VII. Damar Matte Varnish
1.3 portions of damar varnish (the proportion of damar varnish to turpentine is l:3),one portion of saponified wax.
2.Add saponified wax into the damar varnish, when the temperature is low, damar matter varnish will congeal, water heating to make it dissolve before use.
VIII. Stand oil
1.500 ml of raw walnut oil or linseed oil to cook in the pottery or enamel pot for 15 minutes over soft fire, control the temperature at about 70℃.    
2. Add 30g of lead monoxide, continue to cook for 1 hour and 45 minutes, stir frequently, control the oil temperature below 110℃
3.Cool and filter to remove the impurities and pour the oil into glass bottle with high temperature resistance and seal the bottle. Expose the bottle to the sun for one or two months, when the oil becomes clear, remove the deposit.
IX. Mastic Clear Gel Medium
1.One portion of stand oil which contains lead monoxide, one portion of Mastic varnish
2.Balanced mix stand oil and Mastic varnish, after one minute the pasty clear gel medium will be made.
X. Egg Oil Emulsion
1.One yolk, half portion of concentrated linseed oil after isolation, half portion of damar varnish(l:2)
2.Shell the egg and remove the egg white, remove the embryonic membrane of the yolk and beat evenly, add linseed oil and damar varnish drop by drop into the yolk, stir frequently in a direction until it turns into emulsified thick paste.  
XI. Cellulose Emulsion
1. One portion of methyl cellulose in powder form to mix with 25 portions of water for a whole night to make cellulose gum.
2.One portion of cellulose gum, half portion of concentrated linseed oil after isolation, half portion of damar varnish(damar l:turpentine 2).
3.Gradually add linseed oil and damar varnish into the solution, same as the former method. Stir the solution and add 13 portions of water, slightly few of white emulsion, fully stir the mixed liquid in the bottle and shake the bottle after sealing, let the oil and water mix completely into emulsion.  
XII. Beeswax Emulsion
1.25 grams of beeswax,10 grams of ammonium carbonate.
2.Melt the beeswax in 250ml boring water, add ammonium carbonate solution which had been dissolved in small amount of water in advance, cool the solution after the bubbles disappear, then the beeswax emulsion is made. When use, take 3 portions of beeswax emulsion to add one portion of white emulsion or other synthetic glue, stir well then to mix dry pigment for painting.  

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