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Claude Lorrain French Baroque Painter

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Claude Lorrain (1600 ~ 1682) French Baroque contemporary painter, painting talent high landscape painter, most of the life are spent in Italy.

Landscape with Apollo Guarding the Herds of Admetus and Mercury stealing them
55 * 45 cm, 1645 years, oil painting, hidden in the Romanian Palladium Gallery in Rome, Italy
Background: Apollo is the sun god, prophecy of God, the god of music, animal husbandry, he revenge for his son to kill the production of lightning monopolize the giant, and then be punished to the world for the mortal monarch Ademetas For "Adelaide") for seven years.
Appreciation: Claude Lorrain draws the dawn, the castle, the water next to the Apollo immersed in the music world, I do not know Moqiuli stole his grazing herds.

The Embarkation of the Queen of Sheba
149.1 * 196.7 cm, 1648, oil painting, hidden in the National Gallery of London, England
Background: The first queen of the Bible, according to legend, the queen of the ancient king of Sheba in the 10th century BC brought a gift to Jerusalem to meet the Solomon of the king of Israel.
Appreciation: Claude Lorrain draws the morning sunshine to illuminate the sea, classical buildings all over the city, and the port ships are filled with cargo. Queen wearing a pink shirt, dark blue cloak, wearing a golden crown, surrounded by all about to board the boat.

Ascanius Shooting the Stag of Sylvi
120 * 150 cm, 1682, oil painting, collection in the British Oxford Ashmore Museum
Background: Ascanius is the hero of the Roman mythology, the Hart is the pet of the city of Sylvia (the god of the forest, the god of the moon).
Appreciation: Claude Lorrain years of painting color from the golden color of the main changes into silver-gray cold color, the characters into the landscape into the embellishment. As the artist declared "only sell landscape painting, the characters are purely presented."

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