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Antonio de Pereda Paintings

Antonio de Pereda (1611 - 1678, portraits to replace works) Spanish Baroque painters, Antonio de Pereda paintings to still life, but also painting religious and historical themes, parents and two brothers are painters. The Knight's Dream 152 * 217 centimeters, about 1650 years, oil painting,... [Detail]


William Bouguereau French Academic painter

William Bouguereau (1825-1905) French academic painter, through the myth of the theme of creation of realistic genre painting, with particular emphasis on women's beauty. Nymphs and Satyr 260.4 * 182.9 cm, 1873, oil painting, American Clark Art Institute Background: William Bouguereau's work... [Detail]


Frans Hals Dutch painter

Frans Hals (1582 - 1666) Dutch 17th century golden age portraits painter, Utrecht Caravaggio faction, will be lively and charming painting style into the Dutch art, for the portrait painting played an important role. Officers and Sergeants of the St George Civic Guard Company 218 * 421... [Detail]


Canaletto Italian Rococo style painter

Canaletto (1697-1768) Italian painter, Rococo style, works mostly in Venice realistic scenery as the theme, later meteorologists borrowed his work to study the 18th century climate data. The Stonemason's Yard 123.8 * 162.9 centimeters, 1725, oil painting, the National Gallery of London... [Detail]


Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione Italian Baroque Painter

Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione (1609-1664) Italian Baroque artist, painter, printmaker, engraving technique Monroe casting machine inventor. Pyrrha and Deucalion 83 * 107cm, 1655, oil painting, Berlin galleries Background: Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione's picture is drawn from ancient Greek... [Detail]


Francois Lemoyne French Rococo style painter

Francois Lemoyne (Francois Lemoyne, 1688-1737) French Rococo style painter, the overloaded work at the Palace of Versailles and the loss of his wife, triggering depression suicide, the master of cloth. Time Saving Truth from Falsehood and Envy 180.5 * 148 cm, 1737, oil painting, hidden in the... [Detail]


William Merritt Chase American Impressionism painter

William Merritt Chase (1849-1916) American Impressionism painter, art teacher, founder of Chase College, which is later the Parsons School of Design. A Friendly Call 76.5 * 122.5 cm, 1895, oil painting, hidden in the United States National Museum of Washington Background: can be understood... [Detail]


Giotto di Bondone Italian sculptor, painter and architect

Giotto di Bondone (1267-1337), one of the early explorers of the Italian Renaissance, distinguished sculptors, painters and architects, was hailed as "the father of European painting." Lamentation of Christ 200 * 185 centimeters, 1305 years, murals, hidden in the city of Padua, Italy... [Detail]

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