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Antonio de Pereda Paintings

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Antonio de Pereda (1611 - 1678, portraits to replace works) Spanish Baroque painters, Antonio de Pereda paintings to still life, but also painting religious and historical themes, parents and two brothers are painters.

The Knight's Dream
152 * 217 centimeters, about 1650 years, oil painting, Madrid San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts
Background: Antonio de Pereda paintings from the "Bible Ecclesiastes" on the theory of the void of life, to promote all the pursuit of people is always in vain, painted in the Golden Delicious, armor, jewelry, weapons, books, music is a symbol of human greed The desire to conquer.
Appreciation: the left side of the young aristocrat in the chair asleep, and his one hand care head pale, the right table of objects appear in a dream, a symbol of the pursuit of a variety of void, skull skull, candle, clock symbolization of human escape Life, the angel flew into the scene, and she took the Latin banner "Aeterne pungit, cito volat et occidit".

St Anthony of Padua with Christ Child
177 * 205 cm, oil painting, Budapest art museum
Background: Antonio de Pereda paintings in St. Anthony (1195-1231) is the patron saint of Lisbon-born Catholic priest who died in Padua, Italy, is the patron saint of lost and missing people. It is said that during the prayer of St. Anthony, Jesus Christ appeared to him in infancy, and in the 17th century the story became a popular theme of religion.
Appreciation: in a group of small angels around the next baby show, devout saints kneeling in front of the baby, gently picked him up.

The Relief of Genoa
290 * 370 cm, painting, Madrid Prado Museum
Background: In the first half of the seventeenth century, 30 years of war in central Europe, Genoa was occupied by France, 1625 Genoa's Allies Spain launched the Navy expedition to restore the sovereignty of the Republic of Genoa. Royal Palace Li Chi Park, one of the 12 decorative paintings, highlighting the Philip IV period of the victory of the war, Velasquez completed five of them, "rescue Genoa" is Antonio de Pereda paintings.
Appreciation: Allied victories join forces, towers tall towers, maritime ships in groups, the soldiers shouted victory, armor, gun sword issued a silver light, so Antonio de Pereda in the still life painting expertise to play out.

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