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Photos to paintings

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Everyone has that memorable family photo that is near and dear to their heart. Now you have the unique opportunity to commission one of our skilled artists to hand-paint a genuine oil painting on canvas from one of your most cherished photos at truly wholesale prices. Imagine owning a masterpiece oil painting commemorating an important lifetime event, such as a marriage, birth of a child, graduation, or that special anniversary. Our master artists will create a magnificent oil painting from a wide range of photos, including family portraits, pet portraits, travel scenery, houses, boats, and cars. We can even have our artists work with two or more photos and merge them together into one oil painting that will sure to become a treasured family heirloom.
IMPORTANT NOTE: We will e-mail you a photo proof of your finished oil painting for your approval prior to shipment. At that time, our artists will make any changes you wish to the oil painting at no extra charge.

To Place an Order, Please Complete the Following Five Steps:

Select painting size and number of figuresSelect painting size and number of figures

Please select the size of the oil painting you wish to order, along with the number of figures in your photo. Each person or pet/animal in a photo would be counted as one figure. Houses, cars, boats and travel scenery would each count as one figure.

Please select painting size and figures:

Size (inch) 1 Figure 2 Figures 3 Figures 4 Figures 5 Figures
20*24 $ 349.00 $ 399.00 $ 449.00 $ 499.00 $ 549.00
24*36 $ 409.00 $ 459.00 $ 509.00 $ 559.00 $ 609.00
30*30 $ 409.00 $ 459.00 $ 509.00 $ 559.00 $ 609.00
30*40 $ 459.00 $ 509.00 $ 559.00 $ 609.00 $ 659.00
36*48 $ 509.00 $ 559.00 $ 609.00 $ 659.00 $ 709.00
40*46 $ 689.00 $ 739.00 $ 789.00 $ 839.00 $ 639.00
48*60 $ 709.00 $ 759.00 $ 809.00 $ 859.00 $ 909.00
48*72 $ 819.00 $ 869.00 $ 919.00 $ 969.00 $ 1,019.00

Note: If you wish to order your painting in a custom size not listed above or with more than 5 figures, please click HERE.

Choose horizontal or vertical orientationChoose horizontal or vertical orientation
Please specify whether you would like your oil painting in a horizontal or vertical orientation.
Horizontal     Vertical
Specify any additional instructionsSpecify any additional instructions
Here is where you can convey any special requests to the artist, such as removing certain aspects in the photo or specific color and background preferences.

Additional instructions:

Upload your photoUpload your photo
The most convenient method in sending us your photo is to upload the photo from a picture file on your computer. You can easily upload a scanned or digital photo stored on your computer by simply clicking on the “BROWSE” button shown below and finding the file on your computer that contains your photo. Double click on the file name for your photo and then the photo name will appear in the rectangular box.

Upload your photo here:

You may also send us your photo by simply attaching your photo to an E-mail and sending it to: Please include your full name and telephone number in the E-mail. We will promptly contact you if we have any questions regarding your custom oil painting.

It is very important that the photo you choose to send us is a high resolution detailed photo, generally larger than 200KB. The quality of your photo can make the difference between a good portrait and an absolutely great portrait. A high quality photo is vital so the artist can capture all the details in the oil painting.

Please Note: You must be the sole owner of the copyright or have permission of the copyright owner to create an oil painting from the photo you have uploaded. Please read the Photograph Release section of our Terms of Use agreement for more information.
Add your portrait order to your shopping cartAdd your portrait order to your shopping cart
To order your oil painting, simply click on the “ADD TO CART” button. Follow the checkout process to complete your purchase. Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for delivery.   


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